If you did not know, I am passionate about helping Mountain Gorillas

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Gorilla Video and  Edwin's video

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A Magical Evening with Rwanda’s Silverback Mountain  Gorillas 


Thursday October 27th

6:00 Pm

Stamford Yacht Club

Learn about these extraordinary Gentle Beings who share 98% of our DNA and how you can meet them 

New York Times article 'Trekking With the Gorillas of Rwanda'

African Travel by Darren Humphreys of Travel Sommelier, silent auction items including trip to Rwanda through Darren and Wilderness Safaris, African Wine, Infinity Fitness, Organic Pharmer, extraordinary Clock from Freedmans' of Nantucket, private yoga class, gift cert from Nielsens Florist.  See all silent auction items here. Riveting video. Hear from those who have trekked to see these endangered gorillas.  Meet a Edwin Sabuhoro Rwandan gorilla saver. Life Changing event. Don’t miss it. $85/pp Wine Beer apps